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Our Focus Areas


As a natural complement to our efforts in education and skill development, Engro Foundation is committed to making investments directly into the income-generating capacity of our stakeholders.

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Engro Foundation opens up new opportunities for communities in its target areas to acquire quality education and training.

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Engro Foundation Health Initiatives bring quality healthcare to target areas that host Engro facilities.

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Engro Foundation is working on mitigating key environmental concerns of its host communities.

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Disaster Management

Disasters have struck Pakistan in states of emergency unpreparedness time and again.

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Our Projects

USAID supports the "Engro Reading Program"

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USAID, under its small grants division, has provided funds for the proposal…


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SPIRiT is an innovative on-field training program to boost the productivity of small rice farmers by 8-15% per acre per rice season, while conserving 25%-35% water and agricultural resources along with other benefits like skill enhancement, improvement in farmers income & livelihoods.

Technical Training Center

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To improve the productivity of the labour force

WELD- Women Empowerment through Livestock Development

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A joint project by Engro and USAID Pakistan on Women Empowerment through Livestock Development

our sustainablilty strategy

Recent Happenings

May 2016
Engro Foundation conducts session on the water crisis in Karachi
Engro Foundation invited water expert Tofiq Pasha Mooraj to come speak to employees in a session titled ‘Where is the Water’ and explain to them why there is a water crisis looming in Karachi and what can and should be done about it. Mr Pasha stated that there is a huge shortage of water in Karachi, with citizens seeing a huge change in the last 10 to 20 years – where water used to be free flowing 24 hours’ day, now water only comes in small quantities for 30 minutes a day. He added that the majority of poor people in Karachi no longer have running water in their homes and have to wait days, if not weeks, for water to come and often have to stand in line for hours simply to buy a bucket of water which will have to suffice for their family’s drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning water consumption. Additionally, Mr Pasha stated that one of the main reasons for the depleting water supply is a highly uneven distribution of water, with some areas having plentiful water and some areas having no water, as well as constantly increasing population. Karachi currently has a population of around 20 million which is expected to exceed 32 million people by 2025 and obviously, this growing population has a growing need for water but until now, no plans have been made to meet this growing demand.
March 2016
President of Engro Corp hosts a networking dinner for Engro Foundation partners
Engro Corporation’s President Khalid Siraj Subhani invited Engro Foundation’s partners for a Networking Dinner at the Serena Hotel, Islamabad on March 9, 2016. The event highlighted and appreciated the partners who have supported and partnered with Engro Foundation in the organization’s projects across our value chain and in our communities. The networking event was a full house with the Belgium, Australian, German and French Ambassadors as well as notables from USAID, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, DFID attending. They were joined by many of Pakistan’s top executives as well as international and national donors and Engro Foundation’s partners. A presentation was given by Khalid S. Subhani on the impact made by Engro Corporation and Engro Foundation in the country. KSS took the audience through the 50 years of Engro Corporation, its growth, progress and the many, many achievements our organization has had in its 50 years in Pakistan. Engro Foundation had an annual spend of PKR229 million in 2015 – the largest percentage of Engro’s CSR spend goes on Livelihoods; almost PKR63 million in 2015, followed by almost PKR50 million on education. The purpose is to target bottom of the pyramid communities around our business operations for raising their economic conditions, thereby making our value chains strong and sustainable.
January 2016
Engro Corporation won five awards at the 8th International CSR Summit
Engro Corporation won five awards at the 8th International CSR Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility 2016, which took place on January 14 at Serena Hotel, Islamabad and was organized by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH). Engro Corporation was in the running in five categories; Employee Health Safety(HSE), Volunteer Training, Supply Chain, Community Development Services and CSR Report & Research Publications and was named received the award in all five categories. The awards were accepted by Favad Soomro, Director of Engro Foundation, who was also a speaker on a panel discussion on CSR in Pakistan. Notable speakers at the CSR Summit were Baligh ur Rehman, State Minister for Education; Marvi Memon, Chairperson - Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Poverty Alleviation; Mr Pervez Rashid, Information Minister; and the Chief Guest was Mr Muhammad Zubair, Minister of State for Privatization. We congratulate all the team members involved and hope to see more outstanding work in the future!
November 2015
Engro Foundation joins hands with Hisaar Foundation for the International Water Conference 2015
The Hisaar Foundation's Internal Water Conference 2015 on Securing Sustainable Water for All - Inclusion, Innovation and Integration took place on November 17 and 18, 2015 in Karachi. The platinum sponsor of the two-day conference was Engro Foundation. Favad Soomro, Director Engro Foundation, and Aman ul Haque, Head of Engro Foundation, both spoke at the conference which was attended by many notables. Both panelists and attendees recognized that we have to work towards the equitable and sustainable development of water for which we have to devise mechanisms and have local level debate.


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