2015 is Year of the Soil

The Engro Foundation and Engro Fertilizer team are working together to develop an integrated holistic approach which will benefit small famers and encompass a vast geographic scope and outreach.

The United Nations has declared 2015 as “International Year of the Soil (IYS)” worldwide, to encourage sustainable agricultural practices and ensure that soil, a non-renewable resource, is preserved for global food security. In lieu of IYS, the Foundation team, alongside Engro Fertilizer, is conceptualizing an integrated holistic approach aiming to benefit small farmers via inputs that include quality seed, balanced nutrition, and soil and water conservation trainings amongst other possibilities. Our work will encompass a vast geographic scope and outreach and aims to provide much needed knowledge, tools, and opportunities to a critical and vulnerable population of small farmers across Pakistan, who make up 80% of land holdings in the agri sector.