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Guiding Principles


Program Standards

The programs and projects supported and implemented by Engro Foundation have a clearly defined set of objectives and indicators. Throughout the duration of a project, these indicators will be regularly monitored to assess the quality and impact of Engro Foundation’s interventions.


Engro’s standards for reporting data in these reports is based on the “Global Reporting Initiative” (GRI) standards, an international set of guidelines initiated with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).


Consolidated Impact

Engro Foundation approaches development using the Integrated Village Development Model. This approach allows projects to be focused on target areas and promotes layer-on-layer investments which seek to improve the quality of life of indigenous populations. To achieve this goal, Engro Foundation partners with organizations that have strong, widespread networks in the desired areas and the capacity to boost Engro Foundation’s investments.


Cost effectiveness

Engro Foundation makes an effort to draw maximum benefits from its programs while limiting costs as much as possible. This ensures that projects and programs can be replicated elsewhere and in the future, even with resource constraints.



Engro Foundation aims to build sustainable and scalable projects by keeping specific needs and realities of the people in the region in view when designing projects. Our hallmark is cost-effective, simple solutions which are easy to adopt and at the same time, deliver the desired results.