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Engro celebrates Earth Hour

Karachi, March 28: Engro engages people with issues related to sustainability and drive change through the Earth Hour initiated by WWF in 2007.
Engro’s goal to overcome environmental sustainability challenges is also apparent by their commitment to the Green Office Initiative. In collaboration with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), Engro is working as a role model to implement green office policies across its offices. WWF is one of the leading organizations in the world, which is dedicated to environmental sustainability.
Green Office Initiative was originated by WWF Finland in the year 2002, with the objective of creating a practical program to enable offices to reduce their carbon footprint and negative environmental impacts This project takes Engro far beyond the legally mandated minimum environmental standards and become a leader in the corporate community of Pakistan, setting a track record for a company which works in the best interests of the people and the planet.
Since its inception the Green Office Initiative has advocated a culture of environmental responsibility so that the employees adhere to the strictest standards and ethics with regards to environmental protection, in turn reducing the effects of global warming and increased carbon footprint. The head offices of Engro Corp, Engro Fertilizer, Engro Foods and Engro Polymer & Chemicals have acquired the green office certification so far.
The Green Office Initiative has had a huge impact on the company’s overall environmental footprint and has reduced energy, paper and waste. The key focus areas of the Green Office project include behavior modification of employees, office illumination and lighting, office supplies and equipment, reduction in paper consumption, waste management and reduction in water use.
Some of the initiatives taken include employee awareness through sessions, email, standees, banners, buntings and stickers displaying a variety of messages with GO Logo, change of hardware from energy saver to LED lights, discontinuation of halogen lights and rewarding employees for taking responsibility. It is indeed challenging to sustain environmental sustainability while being in a developing country, Engro Fertilizers and Corporation Limited Pakistan has achieved.
Helka Julkunen, Head of Green Office Program WWF – Finland says “It is indeed challenging to sustain environmental sustainability while being in a developing country, you cannot get this kind of result which Engro Fertilizers and Corporation Limited Pakistan has achieved, without support and effort from the whole organization, from top to bottom. Congratulations to all of them for the good work.”
In 2013, WWF Pakistan awarded Engro the Silver Award of Achievement in recognition of their commitment to protecting the environment in the Green Office Project.
For more information, please contact:
Saima Saleem at Xenith Public Relations, Tel: 0300-2968278
Shamikh Ahmed at Engro Corp, Cell: 0302-8175133