Engro Employees clock in record 11,000+ Volunteer Hours in 2014!

Engro was honored by the CSR Association of Pakistan with the Employee Engagement award at the 8th National CSR Awards for the record volunteer hours clocked in by the company’s 3,800+ employees..

Engro Volunteers were recognised and their efforts championed at the Spirit of Engro Awards. Eight awards were received by Rizwana Halepoto, Mohammad Farooq Shaikh, Ismail Sultan, Waqas Hashmi, Moneeza Ahmed, Yousuf Mohiuddin, Riaz Ahmed Kalhoro, and Muhammad Shoaib Sami. Muhammad Shoaib was also nominated as the Volunteer of Volunteers for completing 350+ volunteer hours at Dar ul Sukun: an organization whose mission it is to provide support, care and shelter to people with special needs, socially displaced children, senior citizens and poor families.

Engro’s Human Resource EnVison leads made tremendous efforts towards the program’s success, coordinating and motivating their respective affiliates: the year 2014 culminated in 11,000+ volunteer hours. Through EnVison, Engro’s 3,800+ employees have the opportunity to positively contribute towards society by sharing their skills and competencies. Employees are exposed to new environments and experiences, leading to innovation, creativity, and idea generation, whilst fostering team building and cross-company collaboration. Well done awardees!