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Flood Relief Effort

The monsoon rains of last year let loose the worst floods Pakistan has ever seen. To support the displaced residents Engro worked round the clock in hard hit areas of Ghotki & Sukkur in Sindh and Muzaffargarh & Layyah in Punjab.
A “Flood Relief Taskforce” was set up, which was responsible for coordinating all relief efforts in these areas, to provide basic necessities; food, water, shelter, hygiene kits, utensils and medical aid.
Engro Corp worked with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), Sindh Rural Support Organisation (SRSO), HANDS, Farmer Development Organization (FDO) and local NGOs to achieve these goals.
The last government figures indicated that more than 1,600 people had died and as many as 1.5 million had been forced to flee their homes, with 15-20 million affected.
The expected number of deaths was probably higher but since the roads and bridges had been washed away by the flood waters and the communication network been significantly disrupted, the exact figures are not known.
Engro helped rebuild houses for the affectees once the water had completely receded but till then temporary shelter was provided to protect the displaced from the harsh weather. Shelter was provided in the form of tents and plastic sheets, which was used as roofs at various camps.
With the lack of clean drinking water, there was a high risk of cholera and other water related diseases spreading. To meet the need for potable water, Engro installed 300 hand pumps and distributed 16,300 Liters of water. In addition, 322,566 liters of liquid milk and 2,547,361 meals were disbursed amongst the affectees to meet their nutritional needs. To counter the outbreak of diseases, Engro Volunteers also provided medical aid to 4,106 people with various ailments and distributed mini hygiene kits to 4,192 people.
One of the most important assets lost by a majority of the flood victims were the livestock on which they depended on for livelihood.
Engro Foundation worked with a number of partners to ensure the health and continued productivity of these animals. Engro Foundation team members went through urgent animal aid training with Pfizer and started work in areas of Layyah and Alipur to treat over 30,000 animals.
The gravity of the situation was much more than most can imagine, and Engro’s efforts had only just begun. Engro committed itself to the cause for the long term.