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Engro Foundation Health initiatives go above and beyond the usual services of just providing hospital care. We operate a full 360 degree programme promoting enhanced health by encouraging and educating of preventive measures, improving sanitation, hygiene, infant, and immunizing against deadly diseases.
Engro Foundation contributes in achieving Pakistan’s public health initiatives targets in communities it works in by running a number of projects which aim to cover the most common and risky diseases. These include coordinating Polio immunization drives, implementing Malaria control measures, and participating in programs to combat preventable blindness.
Engro Foundation is also an important source of help and support for the basic health units in its target areas. We run dedicated centers and clinics ,which along with catering to the community’s general healthcare needs provide quality and urgent treatments for snakebites, renal dysfunction and dialysis, thalassemia, , and blindness control at our Specialized Treatment Centers. These first aid and treatment centers also provide critical and timely help for medical emergencies and chronic diseases that can prove deadly if unattended.
Engro Foundation has initiated a women’s clinic which offers a full time lady doctor to tend to women and families in neighboring communities. The lady clinic offers ultrasound facilities, a full fledge pathology lab and an eye specialists apart from the free medicine which are given to all patients.
In addition to this, for those who are unable to visit medical clinics we have started operating mobile health units in the areas of Ghotki, Daharki, and Qadirpur taking doctors to their door step. These mobile vans offer free health services to all, reinforcing our commitment to promoting the importance of health.
Engro Foundation relives its commitment everyday to provide efficient and effective medical care to its communities, instilling a culture of safety and prevention that goes a long way beyond interventions.