Helping Small Holder Farmers Rise Out Of Poverty

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Engro Fertilizers Ltd, in collaboration with Engro Foundation, is in the midst of implementing interventions that target Pakistan’s bottom of the pyramid farmers in Punjab and Sindh. These farmers work across the rice and wheat cropping belts – a cropping system that has the highest number of household dependency per unit of cropped area

Farmer productivity is low due to several factors, which include a lack of awareness and knowledge of modern agricultural techniques, poor quality seed, inefficient use of agricultural inputs, and weak linkages to other service providers. Engro intends to build the capacities of 30,000+ small holder farmers over the course of five years through knowledge enhancement of best practices and agri-extension services. Project outcomes include an increase in yield productivity, enhancement of food security, and also addressing climate change, while simultaneously promoting poverty alleviation and livelihood enhancement in vulnerable populations.

Building on the Engro’s success of the Systems Productivity Innovative Rice Trainings (SPIRiT) project, which had been implemented with the development partner GIZ, Engro has already begun working with the Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) on a capacity building project for small farmers in Punjab province.

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