Katcha Development Welfare Organization

Engro Foundation has been running the Katcha Education program for 14 years in the Katcha area (the riverine belt of the Indus river) in Ghotki in the province of Sindh. Engro has adopted 12 schools in this difficult terrain which is known for being a haven for dacoits and also experiences flash floods each year. This environment makes this intervention amongst the most challenging projects for Engro. However, huge changes have been seen in the area and former outlaws of the area have begun new lives, and are now helping Engro develop schools and advocate community members to enroll their children. Now, Engro Foundation hopes to further empower the local people, and has started working on developing a local autonomous organization which will further the education program.
After mobilization for 14 months, the Katcha Development Welfare Organization was formed. The organization is governed by local elders, along with two representatives from Engro Foundation, and the daily management is envisioned to be run by Katcha youth. Engro Foundation hopes that this would be a historical step in the lives of the people of Katcha, as they now have a platform to work for the betterment of the region

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