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Khushaal Livestock Project

During the floods, there were many news reports of villagers who risked their lives to rescue their livestock. These stories may have seemed perplexing to urban dwellers but make sense when considering the fact that cattle form a vital source of income for most rural households.
Given the importance of livestock, Engro Foundation collaborated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and started a program called the “Khushaal Livestock Project” which helped to restore the productivity of farm animals to pre-flood levels.
A total of Rs 77.4 million was allocated for the project, which in turn helped 15,000 households and helped over 100,000 animals over a six month period ending in May 2011. The initiative provided health and nutritional supplements such as mineral mixtures, multi-cut grass seeds (jowar), oat seeds, as well as fertilizers and vaccinations for foot and mouth disease (FMD).
Given its direct relationships with dairy farmers across the country, this project was implemented by Engro Foods, in another example of how Engro leverages its commercial capabilities to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of its social investments