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The strength of Engro Foundation has been built into its institutional architecture. The organization had, in its first year, managed to put in place a separate management team, and stringent reporting and audit mechanisms to ensure the same level of dedication, professionalism and accountability in our social investment efforts as Engro exhibits in its business lines.


Engro Foundation Health initiatives go beyond hospital care. We are promoting better health by encouraging preventive measures, improving sanitation, hygiene, infant and toddler care, and immunizing.


Engro has built a rich tradition of investing heavily in education in the communities that host its many business facilities. In and around Engro’s production facilities at Daharki, Qadirpur and rural Sind


Engro has undertaken several investments in improving the quality of the physical infrastructure in our stakeholders’ communities.


As a natural complement to our efforts in education and skill development, Engro Foundation is committed to making investments directly into the income.


Disasters have struck Pakistan in states of emergency unpreparedness time and again. Floods, earthquakes, heavy rains and landslides have caused wholesale loss of economies, human life, livestock and infrastructure.