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Disaster Management and Relief

Disasters have struck Pakistan in states of emergency unpreparedness time and again. Floods, earthquakes, heavy rains and landslides have caused wholesale loss of economies, human life, livestock and infrastructure.
Engro Foundation strives to bring sense of security amid fears of disaster and uncertainty. God forbid, Pakistan may face worst case scenarios of natural and man-made disasters. It is susceptible to violent seismic activity, flooding of water channels, heavy torrential rains, sea storms, as well as war, urban fire, nuclear outfall and terrorism. Engro Foundation strives to improve the levels of emergency preparedness as well as providing effective rescue and relief in the aftermath of a disaster.
Engro Foundation sprang into action following the catastrophic flooding of Indus River tributaries in summer of 2010. Engro Foundation efforts were focused in Ghotki, Sukkur, Muzaffargarh and Layyah Districts. Engro worked closely with strong partners in the field, distributing 2.5 million meals, 419,000 liters of milk, 16,000 liters of water, and medical treatment to nearly 5,000 people and 100,000 animals. Our army of volunteers was galvanized by our motivated employee force, distributing essential items of aid, hand pumps, hygiene kits, shelter tents, latrines, and medicines.


Flood Relief Effort

The monsoon rains of last year let loose the worst floods Pakistan has ever seen. To support the displaced residents Engro worked round the clock in hard hit areas of Ghotki & Sukkur in Sindh and Muzaffargarh & Layyah in Punjab.
A “Flood Relief Taskforce” was set up, which was responsible for coordinating all relief efforts in these areas, to provide basic necessities; food, water, shelter, hygiene kits, utensils and medical aid.
Engro Corp worked with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), Sindh Rural Support Organisation (SRSO), HANDS, Farmer Development Organization (FDO) and local NGOs to achieve these goals.


Flood Rehab

As the flood waters swept through the Indus plains of Pakistan, Engro and its team of volunteers worked round the clock to support displaced residents of the hardest hit areas, providing rations, shelter and medical aid. Now that the worst is over, Engro recognizes the graveness and difficulty presented by this devastating situation.
To overcome these challenges, Engro Foundation is working on a two-pronged strategy in the hardest hit areas of Sindh and Punjab. One half of this strategy involves the revival of lives, by rebuilding communities through a model village program, whilst simultaneously rehabilitating the local economy by providing medical and nutritional care for livestock.

ittehad model village

The surging waters of the 2010 floods wiped out communities and all traces of life in the Muzaffargarh district, leaving thousands of villagers homeless and utterly desolate as they struggled to stay afloat and regain their footing in life.
Concentrating our efforts on rehabilitation, recovery and restoration of livelihoods for the affected people, the plight of the flood victims soon paved the way for the Ittehad Model Village Project – the single largest social investment in the history of Engro Foundation. The Ittehad Model Village is a result of combined efforts of Engro Foundation and our partners which include Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund PPAF), Government of Punjab (GoP), Ansar Management Company (AMC), Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Farmers Development Organization (FDO), Technology Upgradation & Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) and Roshni.


1. khushaal livestock project

During the floods, there were many news reports of villagers who risked their lives to rescue their livestock. These stories may have seemed perplexing to urban dwellers but make sense when considering the fact that cattle form a vital source of income for most rural households.
Given the importance of livestock, Engro Foundation collaborated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and started a program called the “Khushaal Livestock Project” which helped to restore the productivity of farm animals to pre-flood levels.


2. model village program

Engro Foundation is setting up a model village in UC Rakh Eshanpur Tehsil Kot Addu (district Muzaffargarh), the single largest social investment in the company’s history.
Some of the core features of the village will be located in a manner that ensure the availability of benefits to the surrounding villages as well as to the model village itself. The UN Millennium Village Project goals – a subset of the MDGs – have been incorporated into the design of the model village.