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Primary and Secondary Education

Engro is committed to improving the quality of education available to Pakistan’s children, particularly primary education. Over the years, Engro has developed a strong partnership with organisations such as The Citizens Foundation, sponsoring their efforts to both raise standards and make education more widely available.
With the creation of Engro Foundation, however, the Company is in a position to directly begin to impact the education system. Engro has initiated a Government School Adoption program. With the support of the Sindh education department, Engro currently sponsors 10 schools with a combined enrollment of over 1,600 students in the Daharki and Qadirpur regions.
Engro is helping to spread the enlightenment of education to areas hitherto completely un-served by even the most rudimentary of schools. In the Katcha region, Engro supports 11 schools with a combined enrolment of 1,250 students. Each one of those children receives a decent education at absolutely no cost to their families.
No school, however, will amount to much without qualified teachers. To this end, Engro has sponsored a Training and Resource Centre (TARC) for teachers working at schools supported by our partner NGOs.
All told, Engro spent Rs 15.9 million on its efforts in education in the financial year 2010. At a total of 24 schools, Engro sponsors the education of 3,173 bright young minds who we hope will grow up to become the next generation of enlightened Pakistani leaders.