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Technical and Vocational Training

To improve the productivity of the labour force, however, primary and secondary education is often not enough. This is why the company has actively invested in the Engro Hunar Program across 4 districts in 2013. We are partnering with premier technical institutes across the country, including Hunar Foundation, Descon Technical Institute, TTC Daharki and the Maritime Training Institute, to provide short term technical training in construction, engineering and seafaring trades. The best and brightest of youth from rural areas around our plant sites are selected through a merit based system for these life changing scholarships which, for the first time, give them a road map for their careers.
Engro’s historical commitment to Daharki is reflected in the fact that one of our first efforts towards skill development was the creation of a vocational training program in the area, which trains young people in a variety of skills and improves their employability. The program has an exceptional record of job placement. In 2010, nearly all of its graduates were able to secure jobs, including many who were employed by the energy firm Descon and even some who were able to secure employment overseas in the Middle East.
This effort has now been taken one step forward, with the establishment of the Technical Training College (TTC), the first degree-awarding institution in Daharki. The TTC is a nationally and internationally accredited institution that offers 3-year diplomas to young people in chemical and mechanical skills. The TTC continues to experience a 100% passing rate with all students receiving 1st Division and the grooming is unparalleled in the region.
While Engro took the lead in developing the TTC, it has partnered with the Pakistan Chemical & Energy Sector Skills Development Company (PCESSDC) and persuaded several other corporations to join in its efforts, helping make the institution even more sustainable in the long run. TTC’s other donors include the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and energy sector firms like Mari Gas, ENI Saipem, Descon and STEVTA
No nation can hope to progress while half of its population remains economically idle. Recognizing the contribution of women to society, Engro has created initiatives for the skill development of women as well.
In 2003, Engro helped establish the Sahara Arts & Crafts Centre, with the goal of training women in a variety of skills that would enable them to create products that they can sell, generating income and enhancing their ability to support their families.