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Strategic Community Investment

Community investment (CI) refers to a company’s long-term strategic involvement in community partnerships to address social issues chosen by the company to protect corporate interests and enhance reputation. Strategic CI encompasses five elements that reinforce one another: strategy, internal and external alignment, multi-stakeholder partnerships, sustainability, and results measurement. The goal is to create lasting improvements in the quality of life for local communities, which in turn generate business value for the company in the form of broad community support, reputational benefits, risk reduction, productivity gains, and/or competitive advantage.


  • – Sahara clinics network
  • – Sahara Community School in Daharki
  • – Training and Resource Centre (TARC)
  • – Sahara Arts & Crafts Centre (SACC)
  • – CAER Villages School Adoption Program



  • – Snake Bite Treatment Clinic, Daharki
  • – Eye Care Centre
  • – Dialysis Centre
  • – Mother and Child Care Centre
  • – Basic Health Unit
  • – Dialysis Centre