beyond the call of duty muddassir chaudhry

Muddassir Chaudhry had relocated to Multan only a few days before the floods hit. Yet despite not having even fully adjusted to his job as Zonal Manager for Engro Fertilizers, Muddassir knew he had to help. He took charge of Engro’s relief efforts in the region and immediately decided to focus on Muzaffargarh and Layyah, two of the worst hit areas.

The disaster had been particularly brutal to Muzaffargarh. Hundreds of villages were completely flattened and more than 700,000 people were displaced. Over 63% of the people in the area had no food reserves, and those who did, most hand less than three days’ supplies.

The challenge was daunting, but Muddassir was ready.

He was aided in his heroic efforts by two gentlemen from the sales and marketing department, Haseeb Durrani and Abid Ziauddin. Haseeb was shrewd enough to realise that the network of Engro dealers, based on relationships that spanned several decades, would now come in handy as a source of both information as well as logistical support. Using this intelligence, Muddassir and his teammates were able to figure out exactly which areas needed assistance and were able to deliver the supplies to dealers, many of whom had initiated their own relief efforts.

Muddassir also took the initiative of calling the Pakistan Army and coordinating a plan to deliver dry rations to 2,000 families in Muzaffargarh and Layyah.

But perhaps the most selfless of Muddassir’s efforts was the fact that he made sure to keep visiting refugee camps regularly to ensure that the flood victims had enough to eat for Eid.