inclusive business

Inclusive businesses are commercially viable businesses that improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable in society. Often excluded from formal markets, innovative approaches to creating impact in this “base of the pyramid” segment results in broad, systemic and lasting positive change.

strategic community investments

Strategic community investments are initiatives that create impact in communities where Engro businesses operate in. We identify and address developmental priorities in these areas in sustainable ways.


A large proportion of individuals living in remote marginalized communities in Pakistan cannot access or afford quality education, which is the primary right of every citizen.


Engro has undertaken several investments in improving the quality of the physical infrastructure in our stakeholders’ communities.

job creation

As a natural complement to our efforts in education and skill development, Engro Foundation is committed to making investments directly into the income generating capacity of our stakeholders.


The mainstay of a healthy community is its mental and physical wellbeing. Engros efforts are directed towards the areas and communities where healthcare problem is one of the major dilemmas.


Engro remains steadfast in its belief that our environmental responsibilities extend beyond our own facilities and is working on diversified projects in this regard.

i am the change impact awards by engro foundation

Initiated in 2012, I Am the Change (IATC) Impact Awards is the flagship initiative by Engro Foundation that supports pioneering organizations working towards improving the lives of people across Pakistan. The initiative aims to collaborate with the corporate and the philanthropic sectors of the country and help individuals and institutions that are pioneering social initiatives across different spheres.

Every year, IATC gives a grant of PKR 2 million each to two organizations in the categories of Social Development and Social Enterprise.

Over the past 8 years, IATC has awarded PKR16 million to 23 change-agents across Pakistan.

Under the theme of #MissionHaiPakistan, we recognize and reward nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that are creating impact in the social sector of Pakistan.

For additional information please visit the IATC website at

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