Our interventions range from managing community investments like schools and health centers to design and implementation of business inclusive and livelihood projects across the value chains of Engro subsidiaries. More recently Engro has ventured into the impact investment space by setting up FeedSol, a social enterprise that manufactures and sells animal feed to small and medium dairy farmers. FeedSol is Engro’s first venture in the field of impact investment, and aims to improve small farmers’ access to high nutrition feed thus making the business more inclusive. This enterprise engages in production, marketing and distribution of Silage which is considered an affordable and highly nutritious substitute fodder in the feed shortage periods of May-July and Nov-Jan.

FeedSol was set up in partnership with SEED Ventures, a local seed fund and two other individual investors, the total investment made by the partners is PKR 86 million.

project highlights

Budget PKR 86 million
Partners SEED Ventures and two others
Duration 16 months

overview of the social enterprise

The primary product of FeedSol is silage in 60 kg and 1 ton bale sizes. The 60 kg bale size will primarily cater to the demand generated by small farmers by helping them increase their yields and break out of the poverty cycle.

The company uses state of the art processing techniques and equipment to produce silage. High quality maize is grown through contract farming using hybrid seeds. The maize is chopped, fermented and packaged directly into 60 kg and 1 ton bales, this process ensures that silage becomes rich in nutrition and is easy to store. Cutting edge bailing machines that are technologically advanced are used for compacting and baling silage.

Silage is sold through Engro’s relationship with farmers; utilizing established linkages with distributors, Village Milk Collectors (VMCs) and milk contractors. The business uses FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Ltd’s outreach mechanism and presence to promote and sell silage to small and medium sized farmers.
The silage business has a proven social impact and will help farmers increase milk yields and household income. Silage business aims to fulfill nutritional needs of around 160,000 animals per year growing annually at a rate of 10%; this includes 40% livestock owned by small farmers and 60% owned by medium farmers.

animal concentrate

Feed Sol also sells animal concentrate to small and medium farmers, with a product range of covering the animals entire life cycle.