Engro has undertaken several investments in improving the quality of the physical infrastructure in our stakeholders’ communities. A particular area of focus has been clean water and sanitation services, which far too many Pakistanis lack. Only 40% of Pakistan’s population has access to ‘improved’ water sources and 20% have access to some form of sanitation.

Our investments in healthcare would be meaningless without the infrastructure that our stakeholders would need to ensure that they can stay healthy, hence the importance of our investments in sanitation and water supplies.

In line with our strategy of ensuring that we invest in the needs of our own neighbors first, the foundation is also involved in building paved roads and other infrastructure in several villages close to our manufacturing facilities in Daharki, Sukkur and Qadirpur. Eleven of these projects were undertaken, in collaboration with our partners, the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and the Sindh Rural Support Organization.

water filtration plants

water filtration plants

Engro Polymer in partnership with Water Foundation is on a mission to impact lives with clean water installation and operations of community water supply plants. Five water filtration plants are operational in the Ghaggar Phattak community, and are located at;...

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