overall objective

To empower female rural entrepreneurs and farmers, through knowledge transfer, linkage to capital and market access in the dairy value chain. In addition, the project aims to grow 50 female led micro dairy enterprises (providing livestock extension and milk collection services). This will result in increased income for the micro entrepreneurs, increased volumes of milk and income for 100 farmer groups and 7,000 female dairy farmers.

location of the project

Ranipur, Khairpur District, Sindh Province, Pakistan


project design and activities

The project design had two components. The first component entailed growing the female led micro enterprise through increasing operational size and introducing new services and products. The second component entailed formation and training of farmer groups in animal social welfare and better animal husbandry practices by the female entrepreneur.


project highlights
Budget PKR 45.71 million
DEG: 20.65
Engro: 25.05
Partners DEG
Duration Jun 2015 – Dec 2017
growing women led micro enterprises

The project built on the earlier success of female rural micro entrepreneurs with the aim to build their enterprises by:

  • Introducing new services and products.
  • Growing their team to an efficient operational size.
  • Growing their customer base across their geographic areas.
  • Providing advisory and services through household farm visits and meetings.

Of the 600 entrepreneurs in Project WELD, the project identified 50 who had been successful and were keen to grow their businesses. Engro worked with the entrepreneurs to develop their business expansion plans, and on increasing the entrepreneur’s product line, increasing their business size and improving their operations. Further comprehensive and advanced training on animal health, nutrition and other husbandry practices were also conducted for the entrepreneurs, which enabled them to add to their current portfolio of services that they provided to farmers. Finally Engro also worked with the entrepreneurs to conduct household farm visits and provide basic animal health and nutrition advice to farmers.

output/impact achieved
  • All the 50 entrepreneurs equipped with internet enabled digital tablets and trained to use them for record keeping, seeking expert advice etc.
  • Average monthly income increased to Rs. 8,483 over the course of the project, as opposed to an income of Rs. 2,706 at the start of the project through:
    • Increased service and product range
    • Larger trained team
    • Wider geographic scope
    • Increased Working Capital
  • Business plans focusing on increasing customer base, profitability and sustainability developed and implemented.
  • Animal feed and health services available to smallholder farmers.
forming and training farmer groups

The project also formed 222 farmer groups, who were trained in animal husbandry practices and were provided access to animal health and feed services through the entrepreneurs. Engro worked with the entrepreneur to form and train 222 farmer groups, with 20+ female farm members each. The trainings focused on small farm management, health and hygiene, preventative health measures, feed programs (type of fodder and scheduling), animal social welfare etc. Training modules were developed by veterinary doctors and experienced Friesland Campina Engro Pakistan Ltd (formerly Engro Foods) field staff and were used for training by the entrepreneurs. Initially 10-20 training sessions for each farmer group were conducted with support from the Engro Foods staff, after which the entrepreneurs were be able to provide training sessions independently. The program also integrated ICT such as videos, SMSs and other interactive programs into the training.
The farmer groups were linked to the dairy value chain, through Engro Foods’ milk collection network.

expected results
  • 222 farmer groups formed (with 20+ members each) and trained in better husbandry practices.
  • 7,000+ farmers with increased milk production and market linkages for their milk, these farmers experienced 19% increase in milk yield from the baseline.
  • Better quality of milk collected by Engro Foods.
  • 7,000+ farmers added to the customer base of the Female Livestock Extension Entrepreneurs.

glimpses of the project


additional info


Saima Shar, a resident of village Islamabad in rural Sindh is a budding entrepreneur and an icon of women empowerment in her local community of Union Council Bozdar Wada, Sindh. Saima’s struggle started when she and her husband were forced to move out of their family home because her husband was jobless and couldn’t contribute to the household expenses.

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