weld- women empowerment through livestock development

WELD, the flagship project of Engro Foods started in collaboration with USAID, was targeted towards the dairy value chain by enhancing livestock management, milk collection and entrepreneurship skills of female of the rural area of seven districts in upper Sindh and Punjab. The project produced trained Female Livestock Extension Workers (FLEWs) and Female Village Milk Collectors (FVMCs) who are actively providing advisory services to the female livestock owners.

The project trained 18,000+ women in better animal husbandry practices and also created 600 female entrepreneurs in milk collection and livestock extension services.

The WELD project complemented Engro Food’s highly sophisticated and rurally entrenched diary value chain which touches 250,000 dairy farmers in Sindh and Punjab daily. The WELD program was spread 418 villages and resulted in 19,000 small dairy farmers seeing an increased yield of 2-3 litres/animal. Through training and linkage to Engro Foods’s supply chain, a collective increased yield of 266 Mn PKR was recorded. The project trained 300 female village milk collectors were trained in entrepreneurship and milk collection skills. The range of earning was from PKR1,500 to PKR15,000 and average income observed at the end of the project was at PKR2,500. Additionally, 300 female livestock extension workers were trained in entrepreneurship, vaccination services, basic health treatment and providing nutrition services. The range of earning was from PKR1,500 to PKR30,000. The average earning at the end of the project was at PKR2100