tech karo

Women have been declining in the tech industry, worldwide. By 2043 at the current trend less than 1% of the global tech workforce will be female. In Pakistan, women represent only 14% of the IT workforce and 13% of IT managers. To tackle the gender parity issue in the tech field and to create a pipeline of women in tech, Engro has partnered with Circle Women Association to run technological trainings for young girls from underserved communities under the Tech Karo initiative.

Since the program’s inception in 2019, Tech Karo has successfully completed six technological training programs whereby teaching tech and life skills to 250+ young girls and boys from underserved communities (65% female) and placing these graduates in jobs and internships to equip them with financial freedom.

To scale up the program, the program moved to blended learning approach in 2020, to formalize partnerships and achieve operational excellence while moving towards program sustainability, and recognition as a premier platform for women in tech. For the year of 2020, we aim to run 6 courses altogether and train 250+ youth (65% female) in Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design courses.

project highlights

Budget PKR 16.1 million
Partners CIRCLE
Duration 2019-2020


In 2019, two training programs were conducted, one in Web Development at Usman Institute of Technology and the other in Digital Marketing at Lyari Girl Cafe.

web development course

  • 100 students were enrolled in the course out of which 74 students successfully graduated.
  • The course included three key components: teaching front-end web development as well as advanced topics, life skills sessions, and bringing mentors from the industry to increase students’ exposure and enable them to learn from experts.
  • Mentor meetups were held to bring in industry experts from companies like 10Pearls, NextGeneration Solutions, Diya Interazctive, to review students’ projects.
  • Tech Karo React students represented Pakistan on a global level by participating in the 48 Hour global coding hackathon. 24 out of 36 students were young women with no CS background & only 5 months of web development training. One of the Tech Karo teams won the competition in the popularity category.
  • Currently, 40 students have secured internships in companies like IBEX, Systems Ltd,, Server4Sale etc.

digital marketing course

  • 48 students were enrolled in this course and 35 students successfully graduated.
  • The course included three key components: teaching digital marketing strategies, teaching graphic designing, and life skills sessions. The course also included the use of mentors and female role models to increase student exposure and knowledge.
  • Role Model sessions were initiated to involve female employees of Engro to visit the students and help them work on their personal and professional goals. The sessions served as a way for students to build confidence, gain necessary industry exposure, and also to show students how successful women navigate the workspaces in Pakistan.
  • So far, 9 students have been placed in internships at organizations such as Unilever, KRL Creatives, Sybrid, Aser Ventures, and Mushawar.