Go Fish Working with fisherfolk to save Pakistan’s unique marine environment

Go Fish Working with fisherfolk to save Pakistan’s unique marine environment

In one of our most innovative programs to date, Engro Foundation has partnered with WWF Pakistan and IUCN to target the three union councils of Maripur, Ibrahim Hyderi and Rehri village where we are working with the fisher groups, fisheries departments and the private sector with the aim to support and promote improved fisheries management. Our goal includes bringing about a change in governance and management to combat illegal fishing and reduce pressure on marine ecosystems through increased awareness.

It has been a year since the project’s inception and we are well on our way to achieve our goals of Developing Sustainable Fisheries; Provision and support of alternate livelihoods for fisher communities in 3 coastal areas of Pakistan; Raise awareness amongst youth and fishing communities regarding marine resources in Pakistan, Mangrove Conservation and Increase regional cooperation to study the impacts of large scale fishing and industrial activities on species in Pakistani waters.

Engro Foundation has chosen to work in this area as we realise the reality and impact of climate change in our society. The targeted landscape forms the coastal belt and is significantly impacted by climate change. Local communities are highly dependent on the landscape and ecosystem services it provides; income earning opportunities are primarily dependent on fishing. Overfishing, high levels of by-catch (sharks, rays, marine turtles), climate change and excessive ecosystem degradation have resulted in low catch and ultimately low income which has exacerbated poverty.

The lack of diversity in natural resource dependent livelihoods, limited adaptive capacity and habitat degradation in a changing climate makes it harder for communities to escape the poverty trap while the landscape in the area is negatively impacted thus reducing its resilience; the combination of anthropogenic activities and climate change results in habitat degradation for both aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity.

One of the key regions we are working in is combatting the deforestation of mangroves as mangrove forests act as natural buffers against erosion and extreme weather; they are among the most productive ecosystems and provide fuel-wood, timber and fish.

We are confident about the significant impact that we will be making in the area and will continue to update our stakeholders and well-wishers. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at engrofoundation@engro.com